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Does It Pay To Be A Fan?

I was thinking to myself while watching some football on Thursday night, what’s a solid multi-billion dollar industry I haven’t yet explored when contemplating an investment opportunity. Why sports franchises of course. The average football team brings in a truck … Continue reading

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Knowing When to Sell, and Why.

I was originally going to compile a list of other blogs and information to give you the reader an idea on when selling a stock is a good idea. However I could only seem to find anecdotal tales of high … Continue reading

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Mixing Strategies for Maximum Value

People in the investing community often label themselves in all sorts of manners. From value investors, income generators, to traders or pack rats the titles are endless. Today I wanted to discuss a little where I fall (and what my … Continue reading

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The Watch List

I’m still trying to find a way to post this is a readable manner that doesn’t require I manually enter 35 stocks worth of info every 3 hours. No luck as of yet, but I have some ideas. Hopefully later … Continue reading

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Musings From the Weekend

I wanted to start today with a thanks and shout-out to the folks at Provident Metals. After a previous post about Copper as an investment metal, they replied back with a blog postman their own on why copper works the … Continue reading

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Quick Update

I was working on a post for tonight, but I’ve had my word processor delete the whole shebang on at least three separate occasions so far. I’ve opted to take it as a sign that I need to just go … Continue reading

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Is Copper a Viable Investment Metal?

One of the many hobbies I have is buying and selling antiques. I don’t make a whole a lot of money doing, it’s more about testing my ability to find a good deal or determine how well I can read … Continue reading

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