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A quick update.

I know it’s been a while since I last updated. Life has been busy and hectic but I intend to get something up soon. More likely than not it’ll go up tonight. Making substantial posts from my mobile device is … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Silver Will Always Be Cheap

Every couple weeks a news story will drop regarding some other stupid thing our government is doing that is destroying the value of our currency. And with almost complete certainty, within a few days another article will pop up somewhere … Continue reading

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Investing doesn’t have to be gambling, pt 1.

I personally would consider myself a conservative investor. You may be wondering just what I mean by such a thing. I can assure right away it has nothing to do with political affiliation or my opinions on taxes. What it … Continue reading

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In an earlier post I had mentioned that I would be making my thoughts on investing a larger project.  I plan on having the first portion of that up this weekend when I have some free time. Finals has made … Continue reading

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