Moving forward while looking back occaisonally …

On my other blog I had made a post which sums up my attitude and belief about investing in the stock market. Primarily, it is a game. Like any other game, it can be broken and won. Of course, when I say broken I don’t mean illegally, but rather the rules can likely be used in an unintended way to benefit the players who know the rules best (as well as how they work). The other point I made was through analogy, as I believe the market (and playing said market) to be no different than that of tournament level Hold ’em.

I didn’t copy that post over, because I would like it to be a more important aspect of the blog. I think it is something I fully intend to flush out more and write on in large detail. I did notice that in the previous discussion of it, my readers may have been a little confused as there were some leaps taken. I felt they were obvious, but upon reading it as someone who may not know, I realized that wasn’t really the case. So in hopes of making that theory more robust and useful, I’ve opted to dedicate some actual time to writing it out. I’ll likely have an entirely separate page (as in those posts won’t show up on the main site, but off to the side) so as to keep it all together.

In the meantime, I will try to update this site somewhat regularly. In the event I don’t have the time or research done to make a substantial post, I may still update my watch list. In the event of holdings changes, those will probably warrant some discussion, and so that won’t update until I’ve had time to do a write up on it.

If you’re interested in keeping up with my day to day life, you can follow me on twitter, G+ or Facebook. I’ll try to find some share buttons I can plug into these posts so you can direct link over. Till next time.


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