An Introduction (i.e., plagarism of myself)

I began my endeavor to learn something about the world of investing much like every other person who knows nothing of the topic. I would ask people whom I felt had some level of qualification (in my case it was my father who semi-managed his government retirement account, and a friend who had just finished his masters in a related field). I also thought that a well worded Google search could provide some sort of insights as well. Unfortunately, both of these routes seem to dry up rather quickly. I did however garner a few salvageable ideas during this search, the most promising being the strategy of dividend investing. So for this project I plan to (much like the other blogs I’ve found on the topic) catalog my endeavor of dividend investing in hopes that it may not only teach someone else a thing or two (mostly learning from my mistakes, of which I hope there will be few) but it may also improve my knowledge base as well. I say this given that I fully buy into the idea that if you cannot explain it to someone else simply then you yourself do not understand it well enough.
How I plan for this project to work is to provide some links I have found useful or educational on the matter and discuss any purchases/investments I have made. The primary goal of all this is to pad a retirement account so that when I feel I am done working, I can actually be done. I also hope I can continue this blog for a longer period of time than most of the others I’ve found, which seem to stop posting after a few months’ time (I like to believe they got super rich and had no further need for such things, but that’s likely not the case).
So what is dividend investing? I realized before posting this I left this segment out which is surprisingly important. It’s a complicated topic so; I’m opting for the lazy route. If you’re interested in what dividend investing is look here:
So by this point you may be thinking to yourself, “HEY! I’ve read this all someplace before!” Well, shoot. Nothing gets by you. I currently have a post like this one and many others over on another blog site. You can find that here: However I don’t like blogspot all that much and remember WP being pretty good for the two days I used it back in ’08. So I will be moving the blog over here with some clean-ups and add-ins as well. So don’t discount the posts since they are pseudo re-hashes. Since I’m moving them over I decided to go back through and clean them up and expand on things I felt were lacking. This means they’ll basically be new posts (sort of …)!
Nonetheless, I will let that brief and somewhat cheaty-face introduction stand for now. I have an angry 2  year old who needs to go to bed. Until next time (which is likely 20 minutes from now).
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