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Is it bad I want a Market crash?

Obviously, this desire isn’t some malicious want for people to go broke, but rather as someone who is getting ready to jump into investing I would love to get in at the bottom (don’t we all?). I have been semi … Continue reading

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Moving forward while looking back occaisonally …

On my other blog I had made a post which sums up my attitude and belief about investing in the stock market. Primarily, it is a game. Like any other game, it can be broken and won. Of course, when … Continue reading

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So instead of transferring over all 15 posts from my other blog, I opted instead to convert them into 1 HUGE post outlining what research I’ve done thus far. So keep in mind this isn’t the whole story as this … Continue reading

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An Introduction (i.e., plagarism of myself)

I began my endeavor to learn something about the world of investing much like every other person who knows nothing of the topic. I would ask people whom I felt had some level of qualification (in my case it was … Continue reading

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